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Our design services vary from client to client based on their needs.

We are happy to:

· Design from scratch;

· Work with your own idea's to develop your design;

· We give advice on existing buildings or designs you may already have;

· We are also happy to do additions and renovations.

I do alot of research into the latest technologies and new products, materials and techniques available in sustainable construction, however I also learn alot from my clients, so if you have any idea's or new products to share please feel free to share them. I am happy to design with any materials or methods you want to use. Check this site regularly for latest news and information, or just browse to get some idea's of what's available in Australia.

Each client's experience with us is unique, but here is what you can expect:

Initial Meeting & Quote

The initial meeting and quote is a free service. We would usually meet and the property, or if it is not possible by way of distance or other reason, we would meet at my office. I am however happy to travel to regional areas or interstate as long as you are happy to pay my travel expenses.

I ask that to this meeting you bring:

· Any thoughts you may already have. I encourage my clients to develop a scrap book of "likes & dislikes" this may include pictures of designs, materials, details, or even just the feel of a space. But if you have no idea what you want, I am happy to develop the design with you and give you my opinion and various options.

· A brief including desired area, and rooms to include (i.e. 2 beds, music room, 2 bathrooms, studio....) again it's ok if you don't know what you want we can go through your needs together. Have an idea of what your budget is. Have a think about what level of sustainability you want, don't forget I'm happy to do what we can on even the smallest budget.

· A survey plan of your site, if you do not have one I can recommend some surveyors to you or you can check my links page for their details. Please have one ready before our meeting.

· Details of any covenants over your property.

· If you could also provide me with the address and locality of your property so I can get information from the local authorities before the meeting this would be appreciated.

· If a site visit is not possible I ask that you bring any photos you may have also.

· Any other information you think will be necessary.

(check back soon for a checklist, client information, and client brief forms to help you out)

I take this opportunity to get to know a bit about you and your needs and also to introduce myself. I will give you some idea's and make comments about the potential of the site. I take photographs and notes, so it is better to have the meeting during the day and in good weather.

Once the meeting is over, I take the information gathered away and give you a quote for my services. This quote is usually in four parts; sketch design is an hourly rate; planning approval is a fixed rate based on the square meterage of the building; building license is also a fixed rate based on the square meterage of the building; and also there is a fee included for the new energy efficiency regulations. These are a generalization however and I am happy to negotiate other billing practices if you require it.

If you are happy with me and the quote them we proceed to design sessions.

Design Sessions

Design sessions are fun! I use Archicad software which means you can view your design in 3D by walking through it. We also make live changes to the building as we go through it, so you can see the changes before your eyes, and decide then and there is you like them. In the coming months I will also be acquiring software which will allow me to email you the 3D model so you can walk through it in your own time at home and really visualize your new design.

I usually recommend you allow around 3 hours for each design session.

The design sessions are part of sketch design and are usually billed hourly. Remember that I prefer to conduct these sessions during business hours, however limited after hours appointments are available for an increased fee. Once you are happy with the design we them move into the planning application stage.

Planning Approval

This is basically a documentation stage getting the drawings ready for submission to the local authorities and to builders for quoting. Changes are permitted during this stage however if they are substantial then an extra fee may be charged, but generally they are free. Once we obtain planning approval and you are happy with the quote from the builder we move on to applying for a building license.

Building License

During this stage drawings are prepared and submitted to engineers, you will be in regular contact with the selected builder to go through selecting material and finishes for the final quote and signing a building contract. I will complete the drawings for the building license and then also for construction once approval has been obtained.

Once this stage is complete you're ready to build, but I won't be far away for any advice or help you may need during the construction phase.

I hope this has helped you get some idea of what service you will receive from us please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.