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Ozeco design started off as a drafting and design business for residential design, with the goal of delivering sustainable, environmentally friendly homes to Clients who are eco conscious.

We aim to provide our clients with environmentally friendly designs which suit their needs and budget. Even the smallest effort in creating an environmentally friendly home is a step in the right direction, and better than no effort at all.

It is our belief that a home should reflect and enrich the lifestyle and personality of the habitant. We like to get to know our clients and work with them to design a home which will truely be what ever the clients idea of "home" is, and more importantly what the client wants!

I have worked in the industry as a draftsperson for 10 years in all aspects. I have my bachelor of Applied science in Architecture, but I am largely self taught in other areas of my experience i.e. graphics.

We use Archicad software for our drafting and design which allows us to show the client through their home and do live changes with them on the spot so they can see what it will look like. A lot of clients have trouble visualizing 2D drawings into 3D in their mind, so we love that we can have them see what their home will look like, no surprises... We can also do photo realistic renderings, sun studies, fly through's and walkthoughs to enhance the clients understanding of their building.

We also work in close relation with builders who are happy to build our designs and give estimates. My husband is a contracts administrator for a large building company with many years experience who is always on hand to give advice and input into building and budget matters.

I have for many years done Architectural graphics so please check them out in my graphics section if you are a firm requiring these kinds of images.

That's about all I have to say for now, please browse through my site and if you are eco minded and want to add a personal touch to your building project then give me a call or email me to arrange an appointment.

Thanks for visiting

Melissa Cox